When trying to decide which plan is best for your needs, the main criteria is to determine how many minutes you'll need each month. Conference call minutes are calculated per person. That means the total minutes used for a call is the sum of all of the minutes used by each participant.


Let's say you have a 30 minute call and 3 callers join. The total minutes used for that call would be:

30 minutes x 3 callers = 90 conferencing minutes

How do I pick the best plan?

To pick the best plan estimate the following:

  1. Number of calls you expect to have each week on average
  2. Number of callers that will attend your calls on average
  3. Average duration of each call.

Once you have that figured out, put them into this formula and multiply them. That will give you an estimated number of minutes needed each month:

Total Monthly Minutes =

(# calls/week) x (4 weeks/month) x (# callers/call) x (average duration/call)

If you're still unsure, use our Conference Call Calculator! It will recommend the best plan for you!

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